Traffic Tickets

     If you have been cited with a traffic ticket, Criminal Defense Attorney Denver is the place for you. We will handle your case with compassion and use aggressive tactics in order to get your case resolved with the best possible outcome. Traffic tickets can have a major impact on your driving privileges depending on the ticket and the number of points on your driving record. 

Traffic charges can include:



– Hit and Run

– Speeding Tickets

– Auto Accidents

– Careless Driving

– Reckless Driving

– Leaving the Scene of the Accident

– Driving Under Revocation

– Driving Under Restraint

– Eluding


Appearing in Court:

     Many times clients that hire our criminal defense services have not been required to appear in court with the court case being resolved without an appearance from the defendant.


     Do NOT pay your ticket until you speak to our criminal defense attorney’s that specialize in traffic infractions. We will give you a free consultation regarding your case and what our opinion will be regarding the resolution. Our criminal defense attorneys can represent you through DMV hearings, point hearings, and court hearings to ensure your rights are protected and you receive a fair hearing.


     For more information regarding our traffic ticket representation, call Criminal Defense Attorney Denver at: (720) 398-4499