Sex Crimes

     Sex crimes are very serious and if you are currently under investigation or charged with a sex crime you will want to call an experienced criminal defense attorney that specializes in sex crimes. We see many people charged with greater offenses than they should be by district attorney’s because they do not have proper representation. Being convicted of a sex crime can be devastating to your future, relationships, where one lives, and employment.


Being Convicted of a Sex Crime Can Lead To:

– Sex offender registration

– Prison or jail time

– Hefty fines

– Protection and no contact orders with family or children

– Treatment

– Sex Offender Probation


     Do not allow yourself to fight this battle alone, at Criminal Defense Attorney Denver we will provide you with aggressive and strategic representation throughout the court process. Consequences of a sex crime are very serious and you will want an experienced attorney who has represented cases like yours in the past. Most sex crimes are classified as felonies which can lead to long prison sentences. Our goal is to minimize punishment if not dismiss the sex charges against you.


Possible Sex Crime Charges:

– Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

– Invest

– Rape

– Prostitution

– Solicitation

– Pimping

– Pandering

– Sexual Assault

– Aggravated Incest

– Sexual Exploitation of a Child

– Sexual Assault on a Child

– Unlawful Sexual Contact

– Indecent Exposure


     Our Attorneys have years and years of experience fighting against charges of sex crimes in Denver. We specialize in criminal defense sex crimes throughout Colorado. When you are fighting for your life and livelihood make sure you find a top quality attorney that will listen, show compassion, presents aggressive tactics, and will know exactly what to do in every situation. We provide a FREE CONSULTATION to every client, please give Criminal Defense Attorney Denver a call at: (720) 398-4499