Domestic Violence

     If you or someone you know has recently been arrested or charged with Domestic Violence, do not plead guilty. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney like us that specializes in Domestic Violence Charges. Many times people are charged with domestic violence because of an argument that occurred with a significant other. If this sounds like your situation, protect yourself, and retain legal counsel immediately.

     Our attorney’s have represented many clients with domestic violence charges throughout the years to know that it can tear family and relationships apart. These are very serious charges that could lead to jail time and hefty fines if convicted.

     Being convicted of domestic violence could result in protection orders, inability to own firearms, and trouble obtaining employment.

     You do not need to physically touch another person to be charged with domestic violence. Within Colorado law, making threats to another person, along with property damage, could lead to a domestic violence charge. Attempting to fight the domestic violence case on your own could make matters worse. Give Criminal Defense Attorney Denver a call today to secure legal representation for your case.

Possible outcomes if convicted of domestic violence:

– Hefty court fines

– Restitution

– Jail time

– Extensive domestic violence classes

– Inability to posses a firearm

– Protection order against the victim


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