What a DUI Can Do To Your Life

What a DUI Can Do To Your Life

     Going through the DUI process can be a very traumatic and stressful process. The unsure state of mind can be a take a toll on your relationships with your family and friends. Our attorneys know what your are feeling and are here to make your life easier.

     Like with any charges, the quicker you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better chances you have of beating the case. Time is of the essence due to time constraints with the DMV regarding your drivers license.

How a DUI can impact your life:

– Loss of your drivers license

You can lose your drivers license for years if convicted of multiple DUI offenses. This can have a massive impact on your life and relationships.


– Denied employment opportunities

Having a DUI on your record automatically disqualifies you for many employment and career opportunities including driving jobs, use of a company vehicle, delivery jobs, cab and limousine jobs.


– Interlock requirements

After a DUI the DMV will most likely require an ignition interlock inside of your vehicle for a period of 9 months to many years. This interlock will cost a monthly fee and could hinder certain vehicle abilities such as automatically starting your car when its cold due to the warm up time of the interlock.


– Auto Insurance Rates

After a DUI charge auto insurance rates will increase for years. In many instances your rate could double because your are now considered a high risk driver. There are many insurance companies that will not insurance a driver with a DUI on there record.


– Probation

DUI offenders may be required to go through a probation period where a probation officer monitors a required sobriety. Probation officers typically require monthly meetings and check ups.


     Give our experienced DUI criminal defense attorneys a call today. We have handled hundreds of DUI cases over the years and know exactly what to do and what will happen throughout your court process.


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