Child Abuse

     If you are currently under investigation or charged with child abuse we would recommend hiring a criminal defense attorney immediately. It can be a very minor or very serious incident, regardless you will want to fight these charges to clear your name and avoid a criminal record or reduce charges to minimize the punishment.

     Child abuse can be defined as a class 1 misdemeanor to a class 2 felony depending severity of the circumstances and the type of injury to the child.

     The results of these charges can have a major impact on your reputation, custody of your children, and your family relationships. That is why we encourage you to hire criminal defense attorney Denver. Our criminal defense attorney service realizes that good, responsible parents can become caught up with child abuse charges. We believe in justice and will ensure we will do everything we can to dismiss the charges.

     Attempting to fight child abuse charges without a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side can be huge mistake. You will want our criminal defense attorney service to represent you through:

– The Social Services Investigation

– Custody of your children

– Criminal Investigation

– Criminal hearings

– The possibility of jail time if convicted

– Revocation of parenting rights


Possible scenarios you most likely didn’t know was child abuse:

1) Driving Under the Influence while children are in your vehicle

2) Possession of drug paraphernalia while children are present

3) Leaving a child unattended within a vehicle


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     Child abuse charges can pose a life long impact if convicted. Courts, police, and public officials do not take child abuse charges lightly. They will try to convict you to the fullest extent of the law. That is why you will want an experienced, knowledgeable, and respectable criminal defense attorney by your side fighting on your behalf.

     There still is a chance and you can beat these charges. Our attorney’s would conduct an in depth investigation of the case and formulate an aggressive strategy to possibly beat the charges.


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